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Traditional and Decorative

-- Elegant -- Romantic -- Old World Charm --

Flowers are the universal language of love, beauty, kindness, and appreciation. We all need to create our own world, giving it our personal touch of fragrance and elegance. Hence a beautiful painting is a heritage, a memory, and a joy that warms and delights our hearts and is prolonged to later generations.

About Helen Harper

Helen currently resides in Young (NSW Australia), about 5 hours southwest of Sydney.

In her Young based purpose built studio, nestled between gardens and fruit trees lovingly tended by husband Peter Harper, Helen is never happier than when she is bringing her own unique style, personality, and taste to the canvas.

When not painting it is usually due to any number of  10 grandchildren taking over the studio, unaware they are inevitably learning principles in art just by hanging out with a great artist.